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We understand that advertising is not as simple as moving one piece on the chessboard. It requires a deep understanding of how to strategically place your media ...

We have been working with local businesses in Louisiana for more than 50 years. Advertising has gone through many changes during that time and we have adapted quite well ...

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Great partnerships have been the backbone of our success. We have always maintained a small core group of partners for that reason. Our team is a direct reflection of our core values ...


"It is my pleasure to lend the highest recommendation to Mr. Everett Bonner and Everett Bonner Advertising.

For over eight years, Mr. Bonner and his firm have represented Jefferson Financial Credit Union in all of the credit unions marketing efforts. We have a very comprehensive marketing plan, more than any other credit union in Louisiana; while the credit union’s marketing staff are some of the best in the industry, our efforts would not have brought us the exposure that has been gained from partnering with Everett Bonner Advertising.

His knowledge of the advertising industry comes from over forty years of experience; those benefits accrue to Jefferson Financial by the coverage that we enjoy. Incredible coverage, high visibility and professionally assembled mass media spots at price points that I did not know were possible."

Mark Rosa, Jefferson Financial 

"Everett Bonner Advertising always offers the most current trends and I have seen my practice increase exponentially since 2008 as a direct result of my association with his agency, for which I have my most profound gratitude. Everett is highly accesssible to any inquiry or request I may have and offers every possible advertising opportunity that benefits my practice. Everett Bonner Advertising continuously makes me feel as if my interests are of the utmost importance."

Allan Berger, Allan Berger & Associates 

"I have been at Tulane for 4 years now and I would be lost without Everett and Wendy. They have assisted in our advertising efforts and helped us make an impact here in New Orleans. The combined experience of 55+ years they have between them speaks volumes of their knowledge and connections here in the city. I can’t begin to tell you the ways they value us as a client. Here at Tulane we do not have a huge budget to work with but they always negotiate the lowest rates for us and somehow always seem to get us bonus radio spots or other bonus advertisement opportunities. Not only do they help get us secure the best price but they give me recommendations and bring new ideas to the table that I have never thought about. 

With the small budget that I have here, I imagine we are one of their smaller clients, but I get treated like I am a millionaire by these two. From taking me out to lunch, to answering my calls without letting it go to voicemail, or returning an email within minutes no matter how late it is at night. Bottom line is that I would highly suggest you look to Everett and Wendy for your needs in the near future. I would be happy to answer any questions or concerns you have."

Tony Margherio, Tulane University Athletics 


We take a deep dive into the strategy behind your advertising placements. Whether it be Television, Radio, Outdoor or Digital Advertising, they all have their unique advantages. We put a lot of thought into the right media mix and determine the best value for your goals.



Our online solutions are the most comprehensive in the industry. All variables are taken into consideration. From your online presence to website to social media, we can manage every aspect of your online needs.


Not one moment goes by that we aren't thinking of a creative approach to help local businesses generate a buzz. Is your creative conveying a message that matches your goals? Does it align with our choice of media? Can we directly attribute your ad to results?